A Soundtrack to an Imaginary Film

A Soundtrack to an Imaginary Film

Buddhafunk presents “A Soundtrack to an Imaginary Film;” a part of an on-going multi-media work in progress. Completed in 2007 the original intention was for the music to be part of a multi-media installation. After sitting on the work for several years the music was mastered for CD to complete one aspect of the project.

The album was recorded in New York City and is described by Masashi Ohtsu as “City urban ambient music.” Some of the tracks were recorded with no preconceived idea while other tracks had a loose structure; nothing was recorded in a traditional “recording studio” environment. The artists involved in the recording process are Hiroyuki Shido on bass, Will Ryan on percussion, noisemakers, dulcimer, and reed trumpet. Masashi Ohtsu on electric guitar, synthesizers, drum programming, and electric bass. The project was arranged, edited, mixed, and produced by Masashi Ohtsu for buddhafunk in New York City and mastered by Paul Geluso of Riverglass Mastering.

Currently, the visual aspect of the project is in production. As each video is complete, the video is released online via YouTube and Vimeo for public viewing. The project has a life of its own and is constantly changing. The final goal of the project is to create “An Imaginary Film.”


Cars and Traffic in the Distance

Wading in Water

Ode to Indian Nation